Mount Kinabalu

In May 2017, I visited Mount Kinabalu (Gunung Kinabalu), which is located in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.  Together with the rest of Kinabalu Park (Taman Kinabalu), it is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  It is a spiritually significant mountain, for multiple reasons.  Not only does the mountain have a spirit, local people of different ethnicities believe that ancestors’ spirits reside atop this mountain. Another belief is that the mountain is named “Chinese widow”, after a local woman who died there after years of waiting for her husband to return from China.

Here is a photo of Mount Kinabalu, viewed from a look-out point, right before it was covered in clouds.


Here are some photos taken in Kinabalu Park.  The energy is unbelievable, just magical, and I can still hear the sound of the cicadas.  I took it as an auspicious sign when we saw an Rafflesia arnoldii.  It is the world’s largest flower and a rare sight due to the particular conditions under which it must grow.

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