Easily accessible from Barcelona, the magical mountain of Montserrat, once home to a temple of Venus, is associated with numerous legends. The most famous of these legends is that of the Holy Grail – many people believe that Montserrat is Mont-Salvat, the location of the sacred chalice.

Another legend is that of the Madonna of Monsterrat, one of the Black Madonnas in Europe. Legend has it that, in 888, some shepherds saw some fireballs come out of a cave (now known as the “Santa Cova”) and found “La Moreneta.” They tried to move her to Manresa, but she began to weight more and more, indicating that she wanted to stay there. A monastery was built around her, the Santa Maria de Montserrat.


After visiting Montserrat, I became fascinated with the mythos of the Black Madonna. Like the Madonna of Montserrat, the statues are usually of a holy mother and child, which were found under mystical conditions and coloured black. Some believe that local people hid their worship of the mother goddess as Christianity spread, and some of these statues were later found again and incorporated into Catholic socities as Madonnas.

With rock formations resembling antennas and subterranean caverns storing water, Montserrat is also known to be a location of powerful energy with inter-dimensional doors. It is a site of interest to those interested in alien abuductions and UFOs as well as those seeking to healing.

There is definitely something magical about the whole place, and I will be back again to explore the Santa Cova and other areas I did not have time to visit.


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