The Lady Chapel of Einsiedeln

This is my second trip this week to visit the Black Madonna of Einsiedeln. She sits in the Lady Chapel of Einsiedeln, which is made of black marble and lies inside of the Einsiedeln Abbey. Like many Black Madonnas, she is located in a natural energy centre where ancient goddesses, and perhaps Mother Earth herself, used to be worshipped. It’s hard not to feel the energy, especially after one steps into the Lady Chapel itself for prayer. Even the surrounding forest is reverberating with spiritual energy.

The Black Madonna of Einsiedeln is also known as the Our Lady of the Dark Forest, and there’s quite a story to go with this name. Some time in the ninth century, the famous German Monk St. Meinrad came to live in Einsiedeln when it was just a forest, taking nothing with him other than a Black Madonna. Thirty-three years after he arrived, he was murdered here, after which miracles were seen. The place which used to be his hermitage is now the Lady Chapel of Einsiedeln. Then in 948, St. Konrad the bishop of Konstanz was supposed to consecrate the Lady Chapel – the night before, he had a vision involving divine beings. The next day, he was told that he didn’t need to carry out the consecration, because the the chapel had already been divinely consecrated.

For centuries, the Black Madonna of Einsiedeln has been renowned for her ability to heal and work miracles. As I learned on Monday, after I told someone I was having lunch with that I intended to visit the Black Madonna of Einsiedln, this Black Madonna has the ability to grant women babies. So in addition to praying for myself, I lit candles for a couple of friends while I was here on Monday. Then today (Friday), I came back to light candles for others on my way back from the Crystal warehouse, where I was also getting Moonstones for a couple of friends and other nice ladies.

A magical place!

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