Tin Hau Temple 坪洲天后宮 – Peng Chau, Hong Kong

TinHauTemplePengChauAfter the recent passing of my elderly grandmother, I went to Peng Chau (坪洲), one of the smaller islands of Hong Kong, for a day of healing in nature. I was happy to find this tiny gem of a temple, which was built in 1798 – it is located very close to the ferry pier and hard to miss.

The temple is dedicated to Tin Hau (天后), or Queen of Heaven. She is a Chinese goddess of the sea that lived as a shamaness in Fujian over one thousand years ago. She is believed to protect her believers and protect fishermen, sailors and others out at sea. Her worship exists throughout China’s coast regions and have spread with the Chinese from that area who have migrated overseas to locations such as Southeast Asia. She is known by many names, including Mazu (媽祖) and Mazupo (媽祖婆). 

Jacob, the new generation temple keeper, speaks English and is happy to show visitors how to burn incense to the deities within the temple in the correct order.

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